meowermaneki said: who dat

The queen.

(She’s a scout and invaded the tcg column at some point.)

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Most important character.

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meowermaneki said: *O* didya make them???

Well, it is my artblog. I posted Zanark and Zanakurou earlier but made Clara Jane and animated them today.

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Answer this with ten random facts about yourself. Pass it on to ten of your favourite followers ♥

I suppose I should try to make it more or less art-related since this is an artblog but…

  1. I haven’t drawn too much ever since the inazuma anime ended. Very uninspired.
  2. Currently living the NEET life. 
  3. I ordered this on a whim only because there’s going to be a figure of Kosuzu included.
  4. I’m kinda afraid to pick up popular sports anime because of the bad sides of their fandoms…
  5. image
  6. I’m trying to work on a short RPG Maker game but because I’m me, I haven’t even finished the first area in few months.
  7. I really don’t understand why do I draw “funny” comics when I want to make people suffer… :/
  8. I remember most of my dreams lately. They’re all pretty weird.
  9. Hypocrisy is a number one thing that angers me. 
  10. I have no idea when did I grow so fond of Tsurugi. 
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Congratulations on European release, Inazuma GO!!
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Everyone’s hyped for new Zelda game but when someone pointed out Link-but-maybe-not-Link’s gloves look like Gerudo print, I got reminded of an old idea for an original LoZ story I had a long time go.
The story was (changed a bunch of times) something like “when Link was born, his parents got attacked. His mother, although wounded, managed to escape with him and reached the thieves’ hideout and left her son with the queen of thieves (Nabooru’s mother)”. Since Link and Nabooru grew up together, they teamed up and lived as thieves too. They heard various legends of Master Sword in Hyrule so they decided to try to steal it.
Now, Zelda, was an adventure-hungry princess who got bored of doing her chores of daily prayers and visiting her people as a princess, so she dressed up as an adventurer from the legends and escaped from the castle. Her actual goal was bringing Triforce to peace as it seemed like Triforce of Courage became unstable. At some point she teamed up with Link & Nabs because she believed Link to be suitable for the bearer of Triforce of Courage.
I think at the end Link was going to become the Gerudo King and fight some guy who considered himself the legendary hero who needs to defeat the aforementioned king. I don’t really remember anymore.
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