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The only reason I have never deleted my deviantart account is because of all the old art I have in storage. Here’s a collection of various out-of-chronological-order samples.



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If anyone’s interested, I’ve created a blog for my original team. I’ll post some things here too (it’s not like I’ve been drawing more interesting things than those guys lately anyway ha…haha…) but I need a place to dump doodles and loose ideas to as well. Oh, and if you want to know something more about them, you can ask there too!

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i am really curious about your original eleven, they're really cute! can i ask how kochou dies or is that something you don't want to tell yet?
Asker  Anonymous

Aaa I’m glad You like them!

It turned out a bit wordy, sorry about that… I may change some details someday but not sure.

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uwaaah your art is so cute and nice, just like you !!
Asker  Anonymous

Than——ah? Just like me? Haha, well, I don’t know about that but thank You nevertheless!

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